Series of bombs in Iraq kills dozens

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Series of bombs in Iraq kills dozens

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There has been further violence in Iraq on Saturday. A series of bomb attacks across the country killed dozens.

Three explosions targeting security forces in the Kurdish-held city of Kirkuk left at least 18 people dead, according to local authorities.

The almost simultaneous blasts detonated near buildings used as lookout points and also a market.

Earlier on Saturday, at least 11 people were killed in the capital Baghdad when a suicide bomber drove a car with explosives into an intelligence headquarters.

In Irbil a bomb exploded injuring several people.

The Kurdish capital along with the rest of the autonomous region has until recently enjoyed relative stability, however the advance of Islamic State militants has been threatening to destabilise the area.

Meanwhile in the Persian Gulf, around 20 flights per day are taking off from an aircraft carrier to help with air support in Iraq.

US airstrikes have intensified in recent days against the Jihadi fighters who control large swaths of Syria and Iraq.