Over 120 people injured as earthquake strikes California

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Over 120 people injured as earthquake strikes California

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More than 120 people have been injured after a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit northern California. Six are in a critical condition.

The quake struck in the city of Napa in the famous wine-producing region north of San Francisco at around 3am local time on Sunday.

It damaged historic buildings and triggered six major fires. Several mobile homes were completely burned down and a shelter has been set up for those who have lost their homes.

It is the strongest earthquake to hit the area in 25 years, although a smaller one was felt more recently.

“We had an earthquake here about 10,12 years ago.” said one local man, “It took out the chimney, but that was it, the rest of the house was fine. But the house is off the foundation now, I don’t think that they’re going to be able to get it back on.”

Another local resident said: “The last one was more of a rolling gentle motion. This one was pretty violent and shaking, and it’s not comparable. It’s the worst that I’ve ever felt.”

Around 40,000 homes and businesses lost power. There were numerous water main leaks as well as damage to gas mains and power lines down.

A state of emergency has been declared.