Militants take control of Tripoli international airport

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Militants take control of Tripoli international airport

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Militants of the Libya Dawn brigades have taken control of Tripoli airport after weeks of fighting. The group, which originated in the town of Misrata, seized the international airport after defeating their fomer comrades-in-arms of the Zintan militia. They had been united in overthrowing Muammar Ghaddafi, but are now bitter enemies.

“The free rebels of Libya will ensure that they will not stand down in defending this country and its lands, and we put full responsibility on the attackers and those who supported them in any way, and also the responsibility of any reactions that may occur,” said the spokesman for the Shields brigades, (Misrata brigades), Ahmed Hadiya.

The Misrata men fought off airstrikes which killed 10 fighters they said had come from Egypt and the UAE, which Egypt denied, but for the defeated Zintan militia this is a big blow. It gets support from General Khalifa Haftar, who has vowed to smash the militias and re-establish central authority.