Thailand's army chief named as country's PM

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Thailand's army chief named as country's PM

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Thailand’s new prime minister is the country’s coup leader, army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha.

The 60-year-old was the only candidate for the post and was appointed on Thursday by a military- dominated national assembly.

Prayuth seized power from an elected government in a bloodless coup in May shortly after Yingluck Shinawatra was dismissed as prime minister in a court ruling.

The move by the top general to swap his uniform for a suit and take the premiership is seen as cementing the military’s control of the turbulent nation.

Prayut is often described as the architect of an army crackdown on a pro-Shinawatra “Red Shirt” rally in Bangkok in 2010 that left dozens dead.

His appointment must be approved by the king. That is considered a formality.