Aid workers 'recover' from Ebola after taking trial drug

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Aid workers 'recover' from Ebola after taking trial drug

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Two American aid workers who got Ebola while treating victims of the virus in Liberia have apparently recovered after being treated with an experimental drug.

Kent Brantly has now left hospital in Atlanta after he and his colleague Nancy Writebol were given ZMapp.

“Today is a miraculous day. I am thrilled to be alive… In March, when we got word that Ebola was in Guinea and had spread to Liberia, we began preparing for the worst. We did not receive our first Ebola patient until June, but when she arrived we were ready…. On Wednesday July 23rd, I woke feeling under the weather. And then my life took an unexpected turn as I was diagnosed with the Ebola virus disease,” Dr Brantly told a news conference.

There is no proven treatment or vaccine for Ebola.

Developed in California, ZMapp had showed promising results on monkeys but had never been clinically tried on humans.

One expert says doctors must be careful about assuming the drug will work on other patients.

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