Violence has returned to the Gaza strip as the ceasefire lies in ruins

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Violence has returned to the Gaza strip as the ceasefire lies in ruins

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The Israeli army has resumed air strikes in Gaza after they accused Hamas of firing rockets in breach of the truce due to expire at midnight on Tuesday.

Hamas’ armed wing announced they launched 40 rockets in retaliation to the Israeli attacks, including one in the direction of Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport.

The Palestinians counted 35 bombardments in the coastal enclave, one of which struck a house in Gaza City, killing a woman and a two-year-old child. A third victim remains unidentified.

Twenty one others were apparently wounded by the strikes.

Gazans who had only just returned home after fleeing from previous fighting are once again seeking refuge.

The violence has dashed hopes of a permanent truce.

Israel recalled its negotiators from Cairo, reiterating that they will not negotiate under fire.

The head Palestinian negotiator also announced they were leaving, saying that ‘there was an Israeli decision to make the Cairo talks fail’.

In Israel the sirens rang out as Hamas threatened to send more rockets towards the airport, warning international airlines to avoid landing there.

In light of the renewed hostilities, Israel has urged its citizens living within 80km of the Gazan border to reopen bomb shelters.