Ukraine fighting kills dozens of civilians, say Donetsk authorities

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Ukraine fighting kills dozens of civilians, say Donetsk authorities

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Authorities in the pro-Russian bastion of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine say 34 civilians were killed in a 24-hour period, with another 29 injured – caught up in fighting between rebels and government forces.

Makiivka in the city’s eastern outskirts came under fire – the first time the area had suffered shelling, according to residents.

A bloodied sandal lay in the middle of the street. Shattered glass and debris lay strewn around damaged buildings.

Bombardments near rebel headquarters in Donetsk forced residents to flee. A thousand people are said to be leaving the battle zone every day.

The Ukrainian army has been trying to isolate areas controlled by separatists. The military says its action is to stop supplies of weapons and what it calls teams intent on sabotage from travelling from Russia.

Heading in the other direction, people from Ukraine’s eastern regions have been crossing the border into Russia, looking to buy food and other essential items.

The fighting has left them without basic goods, in a growing humanitarian crisis.

In Donetsk some areas are still said to be without water, while the other main rebel stronghold of Luhansk has been without electricity and running water for nearly three weeks.