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Unique project captures breathtaking 360 images of the Eiger


Unique project captures breathtaking 360 images of the Eiger


An interactive climb up the world renowned north face of the Eiger mountain will soon be just a click away thanks to a group of mountaineers recording their every step and breathtaking views.

The challenge was undertaken by the extreme climber Stephan Siegrist and the reigning speed record holder Daniel Arnold.

They and their team carried special cameras on the end of poles attached to their backs. The cube shaped camera produced still frames and videos every 30 seconds.

“For this project we recorded 360 degree images with recording stills and videos with multiple cameras. And after that in post-processing these images are then stitched together into a continuous 360 image,” explained photographer Matthias Taugwalder.

The effect is just like Google Street View and that’s the intention. A range of angles that will give you a 360 degree perspective of the mountain.

The aim of “Project 360” as its called is to turn “climbing into a tangible experience,” a showcase to demonstrate how mountaineers can master climbs up ice fields and rock passages.

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