Gunmen steal €250,000 in Paris heist on Saudi Prince's motorcade

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Gunmen steal €250,000 in Paris heist on Saudi Prince's motorcade

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Gunmen have attacked a convoy of cars belonging to a Saudi Prince in Paris, stealing sensitive documents and 250,000 euros in cash.

The convoy was heading towards Le Bourget airport when eight men reportedly wielding kalashnikovs stopped them at Porte La Chapelle around 9pm last night.

The men then drove off with the chauffeur and two other hostages, according to French media.

The Saudis were later freed, and the charred remains of the Mercedes mini-van was found alongside other vehicles used by the gang. According to experts the heist showed all the signs of being a highly-organised affair.

“The operation lasted for a few seconds, it was very quick, no shots fired, no one injured, which indicates it was a very organised and especially informed commando unit, who had information and accomplices,” said Rocco Contento, a representative of the Police Union SGP.

Though the convoy included embassy vehicles, it was not a ministerial one, which meant it had no police escort.

So far the police investigating have not named the prince involved and the Saudi embassy has declined to comment.