Ukraine's aid reaches east as Russian convoy remains stalled

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Ukraine's aid reaches east as Russian convoy remains stalled

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With questions surrounding a Russian aid convoy still unanswered, a Ukrainian convoy has reached the besieged region of Luhansk in the east of the country to deliver humanitarian supplies.

The aid was taken to Lysychansk, recently re-taken by government forces from pro-Russian separatists.

A 270-truck strong Russian convoy remains stalled 30km from the Ukrainian border. Kyiv wants the contents inspected, as it fears it could be a Trojan horse.

“The Ukrainian authorities have not addressed Russia with any request, about any convoys, guards, and other humanitarian assistance,” stated Irina Gerashenko, adviser to Ukraine President on the situation in Donetsk and Luhansk regions . “We are able to resolve most issues ourselves in order to ensure food for Ukrainian citizens,” she added.

The Kremlin assured Washington there were no military personnel involved in the convoy after the White House called on Russia to cease its provocations in Ukraine.

Moscow has also dismissed allegations of a column of Russian military vehicles being intercepted by Ukrainian forces in the east as a ‘fantasy’.