Israel and Gaza come to terms with the ceasefire

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Israel and Gaza come to terms with the ceasefire

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In Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square thousands gathered to back the residents of southern Israel caught in the target range of Hamas rockets.

Signs and banners spelled out support for Israel’s month long offensive in Gaza.

The ceasefire holds but the blame game still resonates across the region.

“We came actually to say we have people who are around 12 years, 14 years old or under, everyday these rockets. And they have 15 seconds, 15 unbelievable seconds to find a shelter. And these children here, they are afraid. They don’t sleep,” said one resident of Givatyim Dror Shamir who attended the demonstration.

Among the shelled ruins of Gaza people are beginning to clean up. But some essentials are in short supply.

Officials have warned of a water crisis after the system was damaged during the conflict while international aid agencies say thousands are without a regular supply.

“We buy water, we don’t have access to electricity and water. The water that we buy is not for drinking, its for taking a shower and for doing our laundry,” explained one man.

The extended ceasefire has brought relative calm but daily problems have not gone away.