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Mont St Michel a timeless tide of history

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Mont St Michel a timeless tide of history


August is the month when tourists flock in even greater numbers to the Benedictine Abbey of Mont St Michel in Normandy, France.

The abbey is surrounded by water and known for the highest tides in Europe.

At this time of year the waters are spectacular.

Patrick Desgue is a coastal guide: “We can hear the sea arriving, a noise from far, which gets stronger and then we start to see a little white line which progresses and gets larger and then there is a gushing of water and then a large amount of water enters the bay. It’s fabulous. One asks oneself where all this water comes from.”

The tourists just love it: “It’s magical, the lights are beautiful. The place is meaningful even if one doesn’t believe. It’s spiritual,” raved one.

“A sense of well being and joy quite simply, and of happiness because it’s effectively a magical moment.” said another

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