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Space enthusiasts enjoy remarkable supermoon


Space enthusiasts enjoy remarkable supermoon

Amateur astronomers and space enthusiasts have been enjoying one of Planet Earth’s brightest full moons overnight as it came to one of its closest points in its orbit.

August’s supermoon is considered to be the most remarkable of the year because it came so close: just 356,000 kilometers.

Young stargazer, Eve Tessier commented: “As you can see, it’s really bright. It’s a full moon, but really, really bright. There’s only going to be four … three, sorry, of these moons in the whole of 2014. There’s only going to be three of these moons the whole year.”

The supermoon is technically called a “perigee moon” and happens when the moon is full as it reaches perigee, that’s the point of its orbit closest to the Earth.

The third and final supermoon of the summer is expected on September 9.


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