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Putin T-Shirts flying off the shelves at Moscow megastore


Putin T-Shirts flying off the shelves at Moscow megastore

The latest collection of T-Shirts featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin, designed by Vse Putyom, (All is Cool), has gone on sale at Moscow’s massive GUM megastore.

The 15 prints show Putin in various no-nonsense guises supported by slogans such as ‘The most polite man’ and ‘They’re not gonna get us.’

Award-winning Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke tried a T-Shirt on.

“If I didn’t like him, I wouldn’t buy the T-Shirt. I have met Putin a couple of times. He is a real gentleman, very cool, a regular guy. I have a Russian girlfriend, you know, that’s all I care about. Her father is a good person, her mother is great, her babushka is wonderful. To me it is all about family, I don’t give a fuck about politics,” said the reformed hell-raiser.

Putin prints are proving popular, with as many as 5,000 flying off the shelves in one day.

The Putin shirts are selling at close to €25 euros a pop with Vladimir smartphone cases a bargain at €12.50.

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