Several people survive Tehran plane crash - reports

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Several people survive Tehran plane crash - reports

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At least 38 people were killed when an Iranian aircraft crashed in Tehran on Sunday (August 10) morning.

Iranian state media has reported that 10 people survived.

Earlier reports had said that all 48 passengers and crew on board died when the Sepahan Air passenger plane, en route to the city of Tabas, came down on a road shortly after taking off from Mehrabad airport.

Eyewitness Hassan Molla said: “I suddenly saw a plane. There was a roaring sound. I felt something was landing on me. As soon as I stopped my motorcycle I fell on the ground, the plane was so near to the ground. I saw everything clearly. One wing was tilting to one side. As soon as it landed it crashed into a wall and then there were several explosions.”

Families of the victims have been gathering at hospitals in Tehran.

At least five passengers on board were children.

The aircraft’s black box has reportedly not yet been found.

Iran’s airlines have suffered a large number of accidents, which Iranian politicians blame on international sanctions that prevent them from replacing their aging fleets.