Italy: PM Renzi asks younger generations not to emigrate

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Italy: PM Renzi asks younger generations not to emigrate

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Almost six months into his leadership, Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has been attending a scout meeting near Pisa on Sunday (August 10) to encourage young Italians to stay in the country.

Youth unemployment in Italy is among the highest in the European Union.

“Renzi said that he would like to invest the budget set aside for the military in education because that’s the best defence a country can have,” said one boy scout.

Renzi and his wife, both former scouts, joined 30,000 boys and girls for the association’s national meeting at the former estate of the President of the Italian Republic in San Rossore.

“If someone in Italy thinks that you’re the future, they’re wrong. You are the present. Stay in Italy, don’t go abroad and try the impossible. Make the most of this beautiful country and have a can-do attitude. Best of luck to all of you,” Matteo Renzi told the audience.

The Italian prime minister’s appearance followed a surprise phone call from Pope Francis who also had words of encouragement for the scouts.