Germany: Yazidis march as Iraq conflict echoes in Europe

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Germany: Yazidis march as Iraq conflict echoes in Europe

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Yazidis took to the streets of Bielefeld in northwest Germany on Saturday to highlight the plight of their community in Iraq and thank the US for its help.

Among the demonstrators, some fear that conflict with Islamists could erupt in Europe.

Tens of thousands of Yazidis have found refuge in Germany over the years.

Their thoughts are with loved ones being persecuted by the jihadists faraway and with their own safety, closer to home.

“It is not risk-free to make yourself known as a Yazidi in Germany and in Europe,” said Ali Alatan of the Yazidi associations in Germany.

His comments follow a Yazidi demonstration in the German town of Herford near Bielefeld on Wednesday in which a fight broke out between a group of Yazidis and radical Islamists. Two Yazidis including a teenager were injured.

A number of men from Chechnya were reportedly among those arrested.

Yazidis are considered ‘devil-worshippers’ for their ancient beliefs by some radical Muslims.

German authorities are poised for any future unrest.