Iraq: Mass exodus from militant-held Mosul

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Iraq: Mass exodus from militant-held Mosul

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Thousands of frightened Iraqis continue to stream out of militant-held Mosul.

Islamic State extremists had warned Christians to leave or be killed. But others are on the run too.

Ali Ridha, from the Shi’ite Shabak minority, fled after the jihadists entered his town.

“They do not want the Shi’ites. They don’t want the Sunnis. They don’t want the Christians or the Yazidis,” he said.

“They took our homes. We call on the government and the government of Kurdistan and the international community to save us.”

Turkey say tens of thousands of people have fled further north to its border, including ethnic minority Yazidis.

Turkey is stepping up humanitarian aid to northern Iraq, officials say, but it looks unlikely to get involved in military action against the advancing militants unless its southern border with Iraq is directly threatened.