Ukraine PM calls for new sanctions on Russia

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Ukraine PM calls for new sanctions on Russia

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Ukraine is planning to slap restrictions on Russian citizens and companies – after Moscow banned its food and transit flights.

The list includes 172 residents from Russia and other countries and 65 businesses accused of “financing terrorism”.

Kyiv is also mulling restrictions on the movement of Russian goods.

“I spoke about all the measures which could be included in the law. This includes the possible halting of all types of transit, from air flights to transit of resources,” said Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Ukraine – which accuses Moscow of backing separatist rebels – could also block Russian oil and gas shipments via Ukrainian pipelines.

People in Kyiv seem happy to ditch ties with their neighbour.

“If it’s possible to cut the relationship, to stay away from them, then I support it. They torment us, they do whatever they want. I don’t understand why we need to continue any further relationship,” said one woman.

Another added: “There can’t be any cooperation with Russia in this situation. No goods are more important than human lives. Young guys are being killed in the war.”

Ukrainian lawmakers will discuss the proposed sanctions next week. If passed, they will hit at the heart of Russia’s trading ties.