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Ukraine MH17 probe says rebels shot down ‘wrong’ plane
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Kremlin-backed insurgents shot down the wrong plane, according to a Ukrainian security investigation into a downed Malaysian aircraft.

Valentin Nalivaichenko, Ukraine’s Security Service Chief,
said pro-Russian rebels wanted to shoot down an Aeroflot flight as part of a false-flag terrorist operation to justify a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“That cynical terrorist attack was planned to launch at the same time as that plane was flying over the territory on that very day.” said Nalivaichenko. “And that attack was planned by military criminals as a pretext for further military invasion by the Russian Federation.”

Meanwhile Dutch, Australian and Malaysian investigators prepared to leave Ukraine where they’ve spent weeks trying to collect passenger belongings and human remains from the crash site.

The recovery mission ended because of continued fighting in the rebel-held region.

They observed a moment of silence to remember victims of the tragedy.

Most bodies have been recovered but some victims and their belongings are still missing.

International crash investigators have yet to conduct their own inquiries at the site.

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