Kyiv: Maidan activists clash with city workers

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Kyiv: Maidan activists clash with city workers

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Protesters around Kyiv’s Independence Square have clashed with workers cleaning up Maidan, the first serious spring-clean since a revolution saw President Viktor Yanukovytch ousted six months ago.

Many activists set tyres on fire in protest against the city government’s move.

Some former protesters have joined the police service but the square’s tent city remains.

Protester Ivan Bilan said: “Look, at that side – my former activist comrades are now volunteers at Kyiv 1 battalion. The policemen betrayed me, we all used to eat together.”

Many protesters have said they will stay on the square to make sure the new government follows through on its promises of reform.

Sergei, a special forces police battalion officer, said: “We have to clean and clear out this rubbish and only leave those who really fight for political interests.”

Kyiv authorities have been negotiating with the protesters to clear the square since Vitali Klitschko was elected city mayor in May.