Gaza conflict: three day truce holds for now as Cairo holds key to longer peace

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Gaza conflict: three day truce holds for now as Cairo holds key to longer peace

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Some Palestinians have begun returning to the destruction that was once their homes on day two of a three day truce between Israel and Hamas.

The town of Beit Lehiya saw some of the heaviest bombardments during nearly four weeks of fighting as Israel sought to defeat Hamas militants.

It has been estimated it will take four-and-a-half billion euros to rebuild Gaza.

But that depends on talks in Cairo producing a longer term peace.

Bassam al-Salhi who is a member of the Palestinian delegation in Cairo and leader of Al Shaab party is clear what peace talks must achieve for Gaza:

“We are comfortable with the mediation of our Egyptian brothers and hope that this Egyptian position will lead to an Arab and international agreement, which in turn leads to actual international pressure on Israel to lift the siege of the Gaza Strip.”

Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said Israel has its own objectives for any peace talks:

“We don’t want to see more rockets, we don’t want to see any more terror tunnels. So we have to make sure that Hamas cannot rebuild its very formidable terrorist military machine. In the longer term of course we have to talk about demilitarising the Gaza Strip”

For the first time in weeks children have been seen playing in Gaza City, but the temporary truce is all too fragile.

Some Israelis say the offensive should go on in case Hamas has more tunnels from which to launch attacks, while the death and destruction dealt out to Palestinians may have reinforced support for the militants.