Gaza ceasefire holds as UN express fears over humanitarian crisis

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Gaza ceasefire holds as UN express fears over humanitarian crisis

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With the truce in Gaza holding, thousands of people have been trying to return to what is left of their lives.

With many homes and businesses now gone, the task is easier for some than others.

Gaza resident Nevin Azayzah explained that with everyday goods in short supply, prices are going up. “Our home and shops were destroyed, all our lives gone. I came here to to buy some clothes for the kids. Only God knows our situation. We have nothing now and even prices for everything have become higher.”

Life essentials, such as water, are also in short supply sparking fears that the conflict may trigger a humanitarian crisis according to Robert Turner, chief of the United Nations’ relief and works agency.

“I’ve seen humanitarian crises and this isn’t it. But I think what we do have is some of the conditions that could lead us to one, and the biggest problem is the lack of water. It’s the lack of, I mean, physically the infrastructure of water and the lack of water in homes. We’re doing okay in getting potable and non-potable water into our shelters but it’s much a broader problem for the population in general,” said Turner.

Life is returning to normal in Tel Aviv too and Israeli troops are for now still in position along the border in case the conflict violently erupts again.

Naftali, an Israeli reservist soldier said: “We’ve been here for 30 days. And we plan to stay here as long as they need us, until everything is settled. I’m married, I have a family, but it’s what’s’ important. So we’ll do our job.”