Australian commuters tilt train to free trapped man

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Australian commuters tilt train to free trapped man

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Dozens of commuters in the Australian city of Perth have helped to free a man who became trapped between the train and platform.

The commuter, who was caught on CCTV, lost his footing so that one leg became wedged in the gap.

When staff at Stirling Station realised they couldn’t get him out, they called on the passengers on the train to lend a hand.

Everyone rushed out of the train to help and with a bit of people power, managed to push against the train, tilting it up and away from the man.

The commuter is believed to have escaped any injury and hopped on the next train out, according to witnesses.

One added that he looked rather sheepish as, to add insult to injury, he had slipped exactly next to a ‘mind the gap’ sign.

David Hynes, spokesman for Western Australia State Public Transport Authority, said it was one of those ‘feel good’ moments.

“It’s really heartwarming I think, to find an incident like this where everyone pitched in. I mean, there’s 50-60 people all pitch in, men, women and children, pushed the train back to help someone who’s in a bit of trouble, and could have really been at risk of serious injury. So, it is really nice, it’s unusual, but it’s great when it happens.”