Palestinians return to Gaza destruction as ceasefire endures

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Palestinians return to Gaza destruction as ceasefire endures

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Through the rubble and battered buildings a peace of sorts has emerged for Gaza in the promised 72 hour ceasefire.

The sound of bombs and bullets may now be gone, but the task of rebuilding shattered lives and land will likely be made worse by a prevailing bitterness. One Palestinian woman spoke of her anger:
“Why did they do this to our home, where is the whole world? we don’t need anyone, we the Palestinians are free and our blood will set the whole nation free”

the grim sight awaiting some as they return home have been bodies previously lost to ruble The lull in fighting is providing a chance to bury loved ones. It’s also allowing local businesses and industries to take stock of the damage to livelihoods. A fisherman in Gaza outlined how the fighting has impacted his trade:

“There is still fish out there and there and there are fishermen, but Israel destroyed the fishermen’s rooms and boats. Are the fishermen resistance fighters? If Israel cannot find Hamas operatives why should they take out their anger on civilians and fishermen?”

Palestinian officials estimate the cost of rebuilding will be in excess of 3 billion euros, but with a fragile and limited ceasefire, that price may rise.