Japanese company brings the beach lifestyle to business

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Japanese company brings the beach lifestyle to business

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It’s kind of unusual to have the sound of waves and the feeling of warm sand beneath one’s feet at the office. But Japanese company Biztech is no ordinary workplace.

Employees have a 3D projector and speakers pumping out a beach atmosphere over a carpet of sand while they work.

The company CEO, Soichiro Minami, said: “I want our employees to use this space not only as a showcase to visitors but also to use it for their daily meetings, so that they can think more freely, become more creative, and come up with more unique ideas.”

One employee said the sound of the waves was actually soothing and helped her work.

“It’s air conditioned in here, so it’s a bit different from the hot summer beach, but other than that I feel almost like I’m working on a beach. And the sound of the waves helps me concentrate,” said 28-year-old Ayami Oda.

Although the water, waves and sea life are an illusion, the sand is not. The company brought in two tonnes of sand to create the beach and with it, a workplace like no other.