Costa Concordia search team look for last victim

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Costa Concordia search team look for last victim

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Efforts have begun to find the body of the last remaining victim inside the wreckage of the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia.

Around 50 men wearing protective clothing worked to find the body of Russel Rebello, an Indian waiter.

The victim’s brother appeared surprised at the dedication of the search crew.

“I am a foreigner, they are making a great effort for us. I think if something like this happened in my country, it would have been forgotten about already,” said Kevin Rebello.

The 33-year-old waiter was helping passengers inside the doomed cruise ship, but never escaped.

Thirty-two people died when the cruise liner struck the Tuscan island of Giglio two and a half years ago.

The ship’s captain is on trial, where he denies charges of manslaughter, sailing too close to the shore and abandoning ship.

Once the search operation has ended, the ship will be scrapped.