More foreign workers evacuate amid worsening violence in Libya

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More foreign workers evacuate amid worsening violence in Libya

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A British naval ship that evacuated 110 UK, German and Irish citizens from the worsening situation in Libya has docked in Malta.

HMS Enterprise has become the latest in a series of vessels to evacuate foreign workers from Tripoli.

Earlier in the Philippines, the latest group of Filipino workers to flee the violence in Libya touched down at Manila’s international airport.

The Philippine government ordered a mandatory evacuation of its 3,000 citizens last month following several violent acts against its citizens in recent weeks.

Meanwhile in Libya, fighting has been raging on.

A large oil depot near Tripoli’s international airport was set on fire after a rocket attack.

It’s been reported by local media that shelling from militia groups has caused blazes at at least eight huge oil depots in the country.

The violence taking place in Tripoli and Benghazi has Libya’s newly elected parliament to hold its first formal session in a hotel in the eastern city of Tobruk.

More than 200 people have been killed in the fighting over the past couple of weeks.