Israeli ceasefire underway in parts of Gaza Strip

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Israeli ceasefire underway in parts of Gaza Strip

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A seven hour humanitarian ceasefire by Israel is underway in parts of the Gaza Strip.

However, just minutes after the start of the truce, Palestinians accused Israel of bombing a house in Gaza City. An Israeli spokesperson said they were checking the report.

Earlier, Israel said it would unilaterally hold fire to allow Palestinians displaced since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge last month to return home and also to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid.

Hamas met the announcement with suspicion and warned Palestinians in Gaza to be careful.

An Israeli military official said the truce did not apply to the southern town of Rafah, where ground forces have intensified their assault over the weekend following the death of three soldiers in a Hamas ambush.

They also said they would respond if attacked.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army has released footage of a tunnel leading from Gaza to Israel with motorcycles and arms they claim would have been used “to execute a terrorist attack.”

At least 1,800 Palestinians and 66 Israelis have died since the beginning of the conflict last month.

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman suggested on Monday that the United Nations should take control of Gaza, rather than Hamas, once the Israeli military operation is finished. He cited the UN mandates in East Timor and Kosovo as an example. Do you agree with Lieberman’s suggestion?