White House protest urges Obama to halt aid to Israel

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White House protest urges Obama to halt aid to Israel

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Thousands of people gathered outside the White House on Saturday for the biggest pro-Palestinian demonstration since the start of the conflict in Gaza last month.

Marchers denounced the Israeli offensive and demanded a halt to US aid for its traditional ally.

“They just feed them money, that’s all they do,” said one man. “Feed Israel money, feed Israel weapons and nothing happens, I mean, and they won’t stop it. They’re bombing the Palestinians and they are killing them and they still don’t want to stop funding a war.”

Across the world on Saturday, people poured onto the streets to show solidarity with Gaza and call for an end to the bloodshed.

In Chile’s capital Santiago, thousands urged President Michelle Bachelet to break off diplomatic relations with Israel, condemning what they called a massacre.

Demonstrations were also held across Germany and France.

Thousands marched peacefully in Paris in an authorised rally, with no repeat of clashes that marked last week’s unauthorised gathering.