Turkish expats in Germany cast ballots amid election fever

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Turkish expats in Germany cast ballots amid election fever

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In Germany’s capital voters are out in droves, but their ballot won’t resonate in Berlin – the election is to decide the next President of Turkey.

For the first time expats living around the world will have a say in who takes the seat of power in Ankara.

Germany’s significant Turkish population has until Sunday evening to cast their ballot, when booths for overseas voters will close.

Sinan Kaplan, from the Union of European Turkish Democrats, told euronews why the event was so significant:

“Today, they are voting in the best place in Europe, maybe even in the world. Here we are in Berlin Olympic Stadium to vote. It is a world renowned place. This is a privilege for us, Turks.”

Those in Turkey will decide their next President from August 10, with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan tipped as the frontrunner.

Euronews correspondent Nezahat Sevim reported from Berlin, saying:

“Here in Germany there are more Turks living than in many Turkish cities. There have been some problems with voting, but overall it is making many Turkish voters happy to finally have a say in the future of their motherland .”