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O-Town: the boys are back in town

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O-Town: the boys are back in town

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After years in the wilderness O-Town, the American boy band, formed on the MTV-produced reality show Making The Band, are back on the scene with a new single ‘Skydive’ from their upcoming album.

O-Town’s Trevor Penick spoke about the reunion: “The timing of it worked this time. We’ve been trying to do it for a couple of years and like Dan had a baby, Jacob was in Nashville, certain things just weren’t really working. It wasn’t clicking, and then this time, we got hit up by our agent and it just seemed like everything kind of fit this time, it just fit, and it’s been awesome.”

The band’s first album sold 1.7 million copies with two hit singles stateside and in the UK.

O-Town split in 2003 amid financial chaos and since then the members have been living normal lives, according to singer Erik-Michael Estrada: “I think now, since we’ve been gone for so long, everyone gone on and got an education, he got an education in design, Jacob got an education in business and graduated, they both graduated. Trevor stayed performing, I’ve done a lot of songwriting and behind the scenes work. So we’ve just kind of taken all those traits and all of those talents and kind of put it into this project and that’s what this project is. So yeah, that’s the evolution really.”

The new album titled ‘Lines and Circles’ is scheduled for release later this summer.

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