California restaurant says no to noisy kids

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California restaurant says no to noisy kids

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A restaurant in California has banned noisy children and babies from its dining room

A sign at the front of Old Fisherman’s Grotto in Monterey reads: “Children crying or making loud noises are a distraction to other diners, and as such are not allowed in the dining room.”

While some diners may breath a sigh of relief at having a quiet meal, the rules have managed to offend quite a few people.

Tourist, Teresa Colombani, who was visiting the area said: “I think it’s ridiculous, I think kids need to know how to behave in restaurants and if you don’t take them to them, they don’t know how to behave.”

One young girl said: “I think it’s not fair because I think little kids deserve to go in there.”

Owner Chris Shake however says that’s just tough luck.

“If a place has the rules, that’s what the rules are, you go in and abide by the rules or you find a place more suitable to your dining,” Shake said.

While the policy may be controversial it certainly hasn’t hurt trade. Shake says he hasn’t had a down year for over 20 years, and business continues to grow.