Aussie rugby fans compete to take a fresh look at game

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Aussie rugby fans compete to take a fresh look at game

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Stadium seats on the halfway line have long been regarded as the creme de la creme in sport but that may be about to change thanks to South Korean hi-tech firm Samsung.

As sponsors of Australia’s rugby team, it is offering four lucky fans the chance to test a new way of following the action.

Samsung has developed a mobile bank of seats, the Slideliner, which will run along the Sydney Olympic Stadium touchline on rails, offering the four occupants an unrivalled view of play.

“We’ve built our technology into the Slideliner so you’ve got a tablet there that you can actually take photos, you can interact socially, we want people to tell the world about their experience, and they also get some stats and so forth about the game, what’s going on. So, literally not only the best seat in the house up and down but also the most connected seat as well,” said Samsung Australia’s Arno Lenior.

A national lottery will take place to decide the occupants of the four seats on the Slideliner for its maiden run in Australia’s opening match against New Zealand of the Four Nations Rugby Championship.