Palestinian shelters must be respected says UN after Wednesday's carnage

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Palestinian shelters must be respected says UN after Wednesday's carnage

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The shelling of a UN school in Gaza where more than 3000 Palestinians had been sheltering has been heavily condemned by the international community.

At least 16 people died there and scores were injured, many of the children.

The UN claims it had told Israel 17 times that the school was housing displaced people.

Israel says it was responding to mortar rounds launched nearby.

“People of Gaza have nowhere to go. So when fighting starts and they move, it is not as if they can cross a border to somewhere… And if the last refuge that we thought would be offered to displaced people which are our school buildings, the sanctity must be respected by all parties. And if it is not, it is intolerable, and the world has to know it,“said UNRWA Commissioner Pierre Kraehenbuehl.

Watch video: UNRWA condemns Israeli shelling of UN school in Gaza on July 30. Source: Youtube/UNRWA

Wednesday was a bloody day in the coastal strip – more Palestinians died in the shelling of an open market in Shejaia (see video below).

Gaza Health officials said in all 106 people were killed across the region.bringing the total Palestinian death toll in the three-week-old conflict to over 1,300.

In what could be an indication Israel is planning to extend its offensive, the US has allowed it to tap into one of its local depots to stock up on grenades and mortar rounds.

Three more Israeli soldiers also died on Wednesday adding to the 53 already killed. The troops were said to have been operating in Shejaia when they found a booby-trapped Hamas infiltration tunnel.

Video of aftermath of Israeli attack on market in Shejaia, Gaza, July 30. Credit – Watania news organisation.

Based on this footage (warning: contains graphic footage some people may find disturbing), again from the Watania news organisation, it appears a member of the press was among the victims. Several local media outlets speculated that the journalist was photographer Rami Rayan.