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Charlie Simpson back and 'Haunted' on the 'Long Road Home'

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Charlie Simpson back and 'Haunted' on the 'Long Road Home'

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Charlie Simpson’s second album, ‘Long Road Home’ is ready three years after his first offering, ‘Young Pilgrim.’

The single from the collection is ‘Haunted.’

After the release of his first album Simpson spent time touring and when it came time to record again he experienced a slight problem, writers block, as Simpson explains:“I don’t know why it happened this time. I can’t explain it. I’m kind of looking at it now in retrospect that it was a good thing, because it kind of made me sit up and think – you can’t take anything for granted, that you’re just going to be able to write songs for the rest of your life. It scared me a bit, because, as I said, I’d never had it before and I think partly it was the pressure of coming back from doing my first solo record and doing it again. There is a lot more pressure when you’re doing stuff on your own.”

Simpson had previously played in the bands Busted and Fightstar.

After going solo his first record was a leap into the unknown, his second less stressful: “I think the second one, for me, was easier because people didn’t know what to expect with the first one. So It was a bit of a shock, for the Fightstar fans especially, because it was so different. Now people know what I’m about and they know who I am as a solo artist, so it almost feels like people know what to expect, which is kind of nice..”

Simpson looks set to hit the road later in the year.

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