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Rome celebrates founding emperor Augustus

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Rome celebrates founding emperor Augustus

Rome is celebrating 2,000 years since the death of the first emperor this summer with a variety events.

Augustus, also known as Octavian, was the founder of the Roman Empire and brought peace and stability during his four decade rule.

Augustus/Octavian instigated a number of impressive public works.

The ruins remain, a visible testament to his legacy as Laura Weinstein, author and tour guide explained: “He made a lot of changes in society, he’s known for saying, on his deathbed, ‘I found a city of brick and I leave behind a city of marble’.”

A special sound and light show celebrating his life and work can be found at the Forum of Augustus.

Visitors to the show leave impressed. “Beautiful. For just a moment you have the possibility to go back in time. You have a sense of immortality. It is marvelous,” said one native to Rome.

Events focusing on the life and death of the first emperor run until August 19.

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