Gaza: Deaths at Jebalya school after Israeli strike

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Gaza: Deaths at Jebalya school after Israeli strike

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Fifteen people are reported to have died and dozens wounded when Israeli shells slammed into a school in Jebalya in northern Gaza. Among the dead, said a health ministry spokesman a medic and an infant.

The Jewish state said it targeted Islamist militants at dozen of sites across the coastal enclave. At least 43 have been killed in the strikes including those in the school. Five members from the same family died in the shelling said Gaza officials.

“What happened? We were sleeping under God’s protection, under the UN’s protection. Everyone was returning home from the mosque when they struck. It is not fair what they are doing to us,” said a woman caught in the shelling at the school.

Relief agencies are at, “breaking point” according to the main UN agency in Gaza adding more than 200,000 Palestinians had taken shelter in its schools and buildings.

Wednesdays strikes happened as Egyptian mediators prepared a revised ceasefire proposal. One reclusive Hamas commander vowed not to lay down arms saying his soldiers were, “eager for death.”

An estimated 1,256 Palestinians have been killed, most of them civilians. Fifty three soldiers and three civilians have been killed on the Israeli side.

The offensive which began on July 8 will be under discussion later on Wednesday when the security cabinet meets. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already warned of a long conflict.

But the state’s Channel Two TV said progress was being made to achieve a deal in the talks in Cairo where a Palestinian delegation is expected.