Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah accuses Israel of 'genocide'

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Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah accuses Israel of 'genocide'

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As Muslims mark the end of Ramadan the plight of those trapped in Gaza is the main focus of attention.

As Iranians celebrated the feast of Eid-al-Fitr the country’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei addressed crowds in Tehran and criticised Israeli agression against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip:” It is genocide committed by the Zionist regime. It is a catastrophe of history. Those who support the people responsible for these crimes must be condemned. The whole world, above all the Islamic world, must arm the Palestinians.”

Hamas Leader Khaled Meshal,speaking in Doha, said that Hamas had nothing to do with the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers that sparked the latest cycle of Israeli-Palestinian violence.

He said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “jumped to conclusions in order to justify his aggression” against Palestinians.