UN says downing of MH17 over Ukraine may constitute a 'war crime'

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UN says downing of MH17 over Ukraine may constitute a 'war crime'

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UN human rights chief Navi Pillay says the downing of the Malaysia Airlines aircraft over Ukraine may constitute a “war crime.”

A Ukrainian security spokesperson said recovered flight data shows the plane crashed due to being punctured multiple times by shrapnel.

Gianni Magazzeni from the OHCHR:“The High Commissioner has indicated that the shooting down of the airliner, may amount to a war crime. I think also the High Commissioner said that there is a need for a prompt, independent, impartial and effective investigation.”

At the crash site an independent, impartial and effective investigation appears impossible as the area is the scene of heavy fighting.

The violence has forced the OSCE investigation team to leave the area.

Alexander Hug is from the OSCE mission in Ukraine:“We stopped because there was gunfire and what we understood to be artillery impacts nearby, very near. We stopped the convoy, we had a discussion with our security detail. While talking the fire came closer. So I made the decision for the OSCE to return.”

A team of Australian and Dutch police and forensic experts also abandoned attempts to reach the site blaming the security situation.

All 298 people on board the aircraft lost their lives.