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Japan teenager arrested for beheading classmate

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Japan teenager arrested for beheading classmate


A 15-year-old Japanese schoolgirl has been arrested for allegedly killing and dismembering a classmate.

Police claim the girl beat her friend on Saturday, strangled her then cut off her head and one of her hands.

The victim has been named as Aiwa Matsuo. Her body was found in the apartment of the suspect, who was living apart from her parents in Sasebo city, south-west Japan.

Police say the suspect used a metal instrument to beat her friend and quoted the girl as saying “I did it all by myself”.

Matsuo’s parents reported their daughter missing after she failed to return home. When police turned up at the suspect’s house in what at first apeared to be a case of a missing child, they were confronted by a horror scene with a bedroom soaked in blood.

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