Gaza's 'quietest day' in 3-week-long conflict

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Gaza's 'quietest day' in 3-week-long conflict

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A single plume of smoke tarnished the skyline of Gaza on Monday.

As the conflict reaches day 21, Israel and Hamas have eased off their assaults.

Instead the Israeli defence forces dropped leafllets as a warning to Hamas militants.

It read “This list is part of the names of those who thought they could face the might of the Israeli Defence Forces.” It also included a map to the graveyard where the militants were said to be buried.

A tactic dismissed by residents of Gaza.

“It’s nonsense. They’re trying to scare people, but it’s not working. This is pitiful, I think, and doesn’t mean anything for the people. Nobody is scared of this – not even a child. Let them do what they want,” said Gaza resident Loay Hamad.

Since the beginning of the conflict three weeks ago, more than 1,000 Palestinians, 43 Israeli soldiers and 3 Israeli civilians have lost their lives.

The Israeli defence forces may be resting for now, but warn that they reserve the right to return fire for an indefinite period.