Gaza: Palestinians bury their dead as violence rages on

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Gaza: Palestinians bury their dead as violence rages on

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After a day in which ceasefire declarations by both sides failed to halt the violence, the people of Gaza have been burying their dead.

An Israeli air strike on a house in Gaza City on Sunday killed 75-year-old Christian woman Jalila Faraj Ayyad. At least two other people were wounded.

Christians, like other Palestinians, are suffering in Gaza.

“Peace to all with the full rights for everybody, full security, full freedom, for free Palestine,” said Alexios, a Christian Orthodox priest.

Civilians have borne the brunt of the onslaught, accounting for most of the more than 1,000 Palestinian dead. Retrieving bodies under fire is a difficult and dangerous task.

“There are a lot of people under the debris that we can’t even rescue,” said one Red Crescent worker.

“They don’t let us work. Yesterday they killed a worker inside an ambulance.”

Children are said to account for more than 200 of the dead since Israel began its offensive on July 8, with the stated intention of stopping Hamas rocket fire.

A baby died in a paediatric hospital in Atufah after Israeli forces struck close by.