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New Neon Jungle single is Louder

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New Neon Jungle single is Louder

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Brit girl band Neon Jungle, who were put together by their manager David Cooper, have just released a new single called Louder. The single is from the album Welcome to the Jungle.

Jess Plummer, one of the members of Neon Jungle said that Louder was about being overwhelmed: “It’s just about basically feeling like being in a certain situation and just feeling consumed by it. So, not knowing how to get out of that so, just wanting to drown out the symptoms, just make everything louder really.”

Fellow band-member Shereen Cutkelvin agreed: “I think it’s a situation that a lot of people can relate to, if you’re in a relationship or whatever. Everyone’s been in that kind situation which is why a lot of people can – do – relate to it. When we actually sing it we’re actually putting ourselves in that place. That’s why the emotion comes across in the video because we are actually thinking about our exes.”

Amira McCarthy, another member of the band, said: “I think Louder as a track, as Jess was saying, in comparison is quite different as all our tracks are. But performing it I feel like it’s got an energy and I kind of rock out to it a little bit. It’s still got that energy.”

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