Costa Concordia on the cusp of its final journey

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Costa Concordia on the cusp of its final journey

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Manoeuvres have begun to remove the wreckage of the Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia from Giglio island.

Tug boats is swinging the 114,500-tonne ship around to the east. Once it is facing in the right direction, a convoy of 14 vessels will tow the liner to its home port of Genoa where it will be scrapped.

The operation was delayed by some days due because of rough seas.

“I am a little bit worried,” said Angela Vicino, a tourist and regular visitor to the island. “I hope everything goes OK and that it actually leaves because I can’t wait until the island returns to normal.”

Thirty-two people died when the Costa Concordia struck the Tuscan island two and a half years ago.

The ship’s captain is on trial, where he denies charges of manslaughter, sailing too close to the shore and abandoning ship.