Malaysians demand answers from Russia and Ukraine over MH17

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Malaysians demand answers from Russia and Ukraine over MH17

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Malaysians have protested outside the Russian and Ukrainian embassies in Kuala Lumpur, demanding justice for the victims of flight MH17.

Forty-three Malaysians including the 15 crew were killed. The plane was shot down four months after another Malaysia Airlines jet disappeared on its way from the Malaysian capital to Beijing.

“We have lost one plane MH370 and today we lost MH17. So, we would like to know who is responsible for that shooting (down) of the plane. We are not accusing the Russians, neither we are accusing Ukraine, (as) the honourable prime minister said, he has actually secured for the black box to return back as evidence this morning,” said protest organiser Chris Wong.

“The return of the remains and the return of the two black boxes are not good enough, no it’s not good enough. We want justice to be served. We want to know the real perpetrators, the criminals, the culprits,” demanded another organiser, Khairul Azwanharun.

Although other western leaders echoed widespread public anger, Malaysia’s government said little.

Reports say the Prime Minister Najib Razak worked intensely behind the scenes to make contact and negotiate with the rebels, culminating with the deal announced this week.