Hungary cancels unveiling ceremony for controversial war monument

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Hungary cancels unveiling ceremony for controversial war monument

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Hungary’s government has cancelled an unveiling ceremony for a controversial monument to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the German Nazi occupation of the country.

The memorial has been widely criticised by Jewish groups who say, by its depiction of Hungary as a victim, it glosses over the country’s wartime alliance with Hitler’s Germany.

Opponents of the monument argue that it glosses over Hungary’s active role in the deportation of at least 450,000 Jews during the Holocaust

János Lázár, of the office of the Hungarian Prime Minister, said: “We respect the misunderstanding about the existence of the monument, so there will be no unveiling ceremony.”

Opinions are sharply divided on whether the depiction of Hungary’s role in history is fair or not.

“My father did five years of forced labour in the Soviet Union, so we were part of hard things. I think they had to put up this monument,” one local told euronews.

“This will increase the hatred and differences between people,” said another.

Attila Magyar reported from Budapest: “Civil organisations say they will continue their demonstrations until the end of the week. Then, they’ll decide about future actions.”