Gaza city: civilians seeking refuge killed by air strike

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Gaza city: civilians seeking refuge killed by air strike

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At least 15 people were killed in an overnight Israeli air strike at a building in the Rimal neighbourhood of Gaza City, according to civil defence workers.

When euronews arrived at the building, emergency crews were working to recover bodies from the debris. Five of the nine floors of the building collapsed.

“An F16 [plane] struck this tower, without any warning from Israeli forces for people to evacuate. We’ve recovered 12 bodies so far, and the people who live on the other side of the building are all wounded. 40 were hurt,” a civil defence worker at the site explained.

The victims included a family of seven, who had reportedly fled to Rimal because they believed it to be safer than other parts of the city.

A local man, who witnessed the devastation, told euronews: “There was a woman there and two small girls, in pieces. On the other side, someone was screaming for help, saying he could not save his children.”

Prayerbooks and schoolbooks were strewn across the ground amongst the wreckage.

Valerie Gauriat reported: “Some people were trying to seek refuge in this building, after fleeing from areas considered to be more dangerous. But the line between risky zones and safe zones no longer makes sense for the inhabitants, who don’t know anymore where to go to avoid death.”