Demonstrations in Israeli cities over Gaza conflict

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Demonstrations in Israeli cities over Gaza conflict

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Activists on both sides of the Gaza conflict held demonstrations in Israel on Monday, July 22.

In Jaffa, several hundred Arab Israelis protested against the military operation in the Palestinian enclave.

While in Tel Aviv, demonstrators took to the streets for a rally backing the Israeli government and its army.

“This is a an operation that is a must. They are just defending our country. We are here to say that we love them, we hope to wish them all the best,” said one man at the rally.

On a visit to troops in the south of Israel, the country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed that his government was prepared to extend the Gaza offensive.

“We have a pre-organised plan and we are prepared to do everything needed in the Gaza Strip in order to protect the State of Israel. I’m deeply impressed by the courage of the soldiers, especially in the face of the death of their friends,” Netanyahu told the troops.

The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) released footage that purports to show the thwarting of an infiltration attempt by gunmen, who had tunneled into Israel.