Oscar-winning Colin Firth stars in new Woody Allen flick

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Oscar-winning Colin Firth stars in new Woody Allen flick

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Set in the 1920’s on the opulent French Riviera, Woody Allen’s latest movie ‘Magic in the Moonlight’ is a romantic comedy starring Colin Firth.

He plays Stanley, a master magician hired to expose psychic Sophie, played by Emma Stone, as a fake.

‘Magic in the Moonlight’ is Woody Allen’s 50th movie, and was inspired by the prolific writer-director’s love of magic: “I read that during the 1920’s there were a great many fraudulent spiritualist exploiting people all over the United States, all over Europe. And they could fool the general public, they could fool intellectuals, they could fool scientists, but they could never fool magicians because they were wise to the gimmicks,” said Allen at the film’s New York premiere.

Stanley’s desire to bring down Sophie is gradually eroded by her astonishing powers of insight and her wide-eyed charm.

It was the Oscar-winning actor’s first experience shooting with Woody Allen, and, he says, it took some getting used to: “There was a workload there. I have a lot to say in this film and I carry a lot of it,” he said in New York.

“I also knew that he [Woody Allen] didn’t rehearse. We didn’t have a lot of preliminaries, there’s not the stuff at the beginning where ‘I’m just going to reassure you about this and tell you how it’s gonna be’. You don’t know. I’d also been told that he doesn’t really direct very much, he just lets you get on with it. That’s not true. An awful lot of what I heard turned out not to be true,” he added.

The film has received mixed reviews at press screenings. While some critics have called it "a fugacious bit of whimsy that can only be judged minor Woody Allen", others have described it as "a high-spirited bauble that goes down easy".

‘Magic in the Moonlight’ opens worldwide at the end of July.

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